Establishment of Riim

Riim provides both a venue for academic research exchange and forum for research presentations. Riim’s predecessor, the Center for Business and Industrial Research (CBIR), Hosei University was founded in 1986. Japan’s first depository library, the Center, modeled on the Baker Library at Harvard University, both accepted and collected company-generated economic and business administration literature. Further, it amassed information and non-fixed price data issued by government agencies, think tanks, enterprises and academic research institutes.

On January 1st 2004, the Center for Business and Industrial Research (CBIR), Hosei University, was renamed “The Research Institute for Innovation Management (Riim), Hosei University.” While Riim will continue to collect data and information, it also will serve these additional functions:


  1. Analysis of worldwide innovation-related trends, namely, the promotion of research on entrepreneurship theory, business administration reform, organization reform, regional economies, logistics, venture finance, and international business administration, and the promotion of international academic interchange.
  2. Publication of the Journal of Innovation Management, an academic journal founded to advance the aforementioned objectives, as well as working papers and books.
  3. Sponsorship of consortiums and research programs for industry-academia-government collaborative activities and social contribution activities.
  4. Promotion of domestic and international research interchange through the sponsorship of innovation forums, symposium and workshops.
  5. Fostering social contribution activities and educational research through open lecture meetings, open courses, contract research and similar activities.
  6. Promotion of international networking through information gathering, made possible by the creation of a digital archive in conjunction with information delivery.

In cooperation with affiliated bodies inside and outside of Hosei University, Riim will disseminate the research results of its participants using state-of the-art information processing technology.

We thank you for your support and cooperation.