Message from the Director

“The Center for Business and Industrial Research (CBIR), Hosei University” was renamed
“The Research Institute for Innovation Management (Riim)” in January 2004. The new direction of the institute is creation of new industries and globalization.

You can look over Tokyo, the heart of Japanese economy, from Riim which is situated on the 18th floor of Boissonade Tower. The industrial policy that prompted the economic growth from the 19th to the 20th century was implemented for encouragement of new industries, mainly at national universities. In the 21st century, private universities are expected to play a unique role, standing on their own philosophical legacy. Hosei University is a historic university, which was established as a school of French law with Professor Boissonade in the lead. It is significantly different from other missionary schools in that it does not have any religious affiliation. While it extends to wide range of academic fields as a comprehensive university, it has accepted many lectures and researchers who dedicate themselves to small research areas. In such a liberal climate, Riim supports interdisciplinary research projects including business administration, economics, sociology and engineering. It also offers facilitation and services as a hub for information exchange and connection for foreign researchers who are on sabbatical or visiting Tokyo.

Professor Yoshihide Sano
Director, The Research Institute for Innovation Management